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Nowadays, companies, associations and people are creating their own websites, to provide information about what they do, what they serve, and what are their future plans.
But have you ever asked yourself, why some websites are more popular than others?
To enable you having a constructuve and useful  website that will help you market your product in the appropriate ways, you should ask yourself 6 questions:
Situation Analysis: Where are we now?
Asking this question will enable you evaluate you actual performance, and the effectiveness of the marketing tools you are currently using including your website, if it is already existant.
Objectives:  Where do we want to go?
In this step we will list the things that we would like to achieve in terms of marketing and information.
Strategy: How do we get there?
In that stage of the process we will set long term ideas that will enable us reach our objectives.
Tactics: How exactly do we get there?
In that case we will be setteling more specific ways to reach our objectives, that should be applicable on the short term.
Action: Who does what and when?
After identifying the tools that will be used, it is time to organize the implementation of the project by distributing tasks to all envolved people that should be achieved according to a certain deadline.
Control: How do we monitor performance?
In this final step you set ways and policies, that will allow you to constantly control and monitor the efficiency of your website.


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