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             Search Engine Optimization:
SEO, Stands for search engine optimization. A good and solid SEO strategy is the best way to gain exposure online.
Using the correct SEO will also allow you gain more places than your competition while customers are searching for your category of services or product online.
Below are simple steps to follow, helping you implement the appropriate SEO startegy for your website :

Step 1: Make content, users desire and will want to share.
Step 2: Build usability and high quality design into your site.
Step 3: Ensure that spiders can parse all content and duplication isn't an issue.
Step 4: Make it easy to reach deep in as few clicks as possible.
Step 5: Choose keywords that will garner traffic; employ judiciously in your content.

          Creating Links for your website:
Reciprocal links on website may have several benefits for the company some of which are:
- Driving more traffic to your website.
- More traffic will drive to better positions in the searcg engines.
-  It can be used as an indirect publicity for your website.
- Reduction of the cost per click.

To enable you link correctly your website several steps should be followed:

Step 1: The best place to start linking is web directories, such as Yahoo and Google, which will generate you the biggest amount of traffic.
Step 2: The second is the webmaster forums. By enetring your URL you will get feedback from other webmasters.
Step 3: The third step is to create a first rate content, which is linking your website to another one that may be posting additional information or added value to the same topic you are covering.
Step 4: Tell the world about your website through free advertising, by asking other webistes to link it to yours or by using Go.articles, and Press box to post artciles and press releases that will be linked to your website.

SOSTAC Infographic Lama Matta Franchising MBA Les Roches Lebanon
Nowadays, companies, associations and people are creating their own websites, to provide information about what they do, what they serve, and what are their future plans.
But have you ever asked yourself, why some websites are more popular than others?
To enable you having a constructuve and useful  website that will help you market your product in the appropriate ways, you should ask yourself 6 questions:
Situation Analysis: Where are we now?
Asking this question will enable you evaluate you actual performance, and the effectiveness of the marketing tools you are currently using including your website, if it is already existant.
Objectives:  Where do we want to go?
In this step we will list the things that we would like to achieve in terms of marketing and information.
Strategy: How do we get there?
In that stage of the process we will set long term ideas that will enable us reach our objectives.
Tactics: How exactly do we get there?
In that case we will be setteling more specific ways to reach our objectives, that should be applicable on the short term.
Action: Who does what and when?
After identifying the tools that will be used, it is time to organize the implementation of the project by distributing tasks to all envolved people that should be achieved according to a certain deadline.
Control: How do we monitor performance?
In this final step you set ways and policies, that will allow you to constantly control and monitor the efficiency of your website.

Social media Infographic Lama Matta Franchising MBA Les Roches Lebanon
The different social media gives businesses a new way to interact with customers. In addition to that, businesses needs to link the customer experience with the right technology, reaching them at the right time with the required information.
Customers are becoming more and more attached to the idea of procuring themselves with info on the products via the digital space, using several connections to ask questions, give feedback and interact with others. This way the relationship between the company and the customers will develop from a passive one to an interaction based on sharing, and engagement.

The future of social media offers many exciting new opportunities for businesses to interact with their customers.
When your business is focused on creative positive brand experience, it will built trust, which will bring an added value for your business.
SEO Franchise solution infographic Lama Matta
Nowadays and as shown in the infographic posted, the franchise world has been constantly growing, taking large parts of the indpependant businesses market shares.

On the other hand a wrong practice of the franchise may lead to several losses, some of which are related to the economy, while others are related to labor loosing their jobs.
Therefore, what we can say is that opening a franchise is not the final step of the deal. Both franchisors and franchisees should make sure to market the concept using the appropriate tools.

As the internet world is constantly growing, succesful companies are using more and more e-marketing campaigns to advertise and gain brand awareness in the market. Therefore franchises should make sure to have a presence in all of the above tools:
 - Social media such as : Facebook page, Pinterest boards    and pins, Twitter account, Linked in page for recruitement, and much more programs that enables any business owner to market the concept succesfully, interacting and engaging with their clientele.
- Webiste: Creating a website is the best way to inform your actual and potential clientele of your product. Therfore and to enable you create a website that will be sustainable on teh long term, the best way is to apply the SOSTAC process, making sure that you are communicating the right information to the right target market
- SEO & Links: Finally, and in order to optimize your brand presence on the web, make sure to use the appropriate Search engine optimization tools, and link all your pages and social media together so that people can surf all over them, making you gain priorities in all of the search engines used. 

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